About The Weavers Guild of Oklahoma City

Who We Are

The Weavers Guild of Oklahoma City is a non-profit organization that promotes interest in and study of weaving and the related fiber arts. Anyone is welcome to join. Our members are located primarily in Oklahoma County and the surrounding counties, with newsletter members who live across the state, and a few across the country.

What We Do

Shared interest and a desire for community bring us together. Each member has a curiosity and enthusiasm for fiber arts. Some of our long-time weavers have been at the loom for more than 30 years. They are our best resource and willingly share their knowledge.

Our newest members may be first time weavers or someone taking a class in felting or knitting or spinning or beading or… They are glad to find a welcoming place where they can learn a new skill. You do not need to own a loom or even know how to weave; you are welcome at our meetings.

Our monthly program may be a lecture on the history of weaving in the highlands of Peru, a “how to” weaving topic or a field trip. Past topics ranged from tapestry weaving, to how to photograph your work, to sewing with your handwovens.

Each year brings a new guild challenge. Past challenges included a yarn swap, mug rug exchange, and a twill study group. In-depth workshops on a weaving subjects or styles are presented biannually. Should you choose to join our guild, annual dues for membership are $30.

Membership allows you to…

  • Be part of a community of fiber enthusiasts
  • Attend monthly meetings and programs
  • Register for Guild workshops
  • Use the extensive lending library
  • Draw from a wealth of experienced weavers